Repair of coffee machines in Kiev

11 reasons why you should repair your coffee machine in Brayval Coffee

  1. Diagnostics during repairs we have only 167 UAH. In case of failure to repair, the cost of diagnostics of the coffee machine costs 350 UAH. You get recommendations on the work that needs to be done, as well as a list of spare parts that need to be replaced.
  2. We specialize exclusively in the repair of coffee makers since 2011
  3. Warranty for repairs from 1 to 6 months
  4. We carry out field repairs in Kiev and the Kiev region
  5. The most affordable prices for spare parts and repairs
  6. Only original spare parts for coffee machines that we sell to other service centers in Kiev and Ukraine are always available
  7. Pick-up of broken equipment and delivery of repaired ones in Kiev
  8. More than 10 professional craftsmen repair coffee machines of any complexity and all manufacturers on a daily basis
  9. Professional and modern coffee equipment repair equipment
  10. Fast completion of repairs in 1-2 days!
  11. Professional configuration of the coffee machine according to your preferences

The main specialization of the Brayval-Coffee company is certified repair of coffee equipment-coffee machines, both for home and office use, as well as for bars and restaurants. Our repair shop was founded in 2011 in Kiev and during this period our craftsmen repaired thousands of coffee makers of various types and different manufacturers, such as: Saeco, Philips/Saeco, Bosch, Jura, Siemens, Delonghi, Franke, Krups, WMF, Melita, Rheavendors, Gaggia.

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Our company employs only qualified coffee machine repairmen. Call now by phone:

Life:) (093) 4963131

MTS (095) 4963131

Kyivstar (097) 4963131

Please note!

In Brayval-service, the coffee machine is first diagnosed, then the repair price is agreed with the client. And only after the cost is approved, we start the repair work. Repairs are not performed without your consent!

Complete maintenance of the coffee machine.

This is a rather complex and time-consuming process in which you need to have the skill of repairing coffee machines and knowledge of the model range in practice. Our company specializes in repairing SAECO and Delonghi coffee makers for more than 7 years. Many people think that spot repairs are the best choice, although each request for spot repairs takes more time than the coffee maker once a year. The schedule of our work on your coffee machine is calculated by our specialists, and is made on the 1st. This regulation includes::

  • Replacement of ALL gaskets;
  • Gearbox lubrication;
  • Lubrication and cleaning of all components, including all internal ones;
  • Cleaning and greasing of the coffee grinder, with replacement of rosaries;
  • Decalcification;
  • Cleaning from coffee oils;
  • Checking the system for leaks;
  • Check the high-pressure pump on the barometer.

Repair of coffee makers at home or in the office

Your coffee machine is broken and you need urgent repairs? This is not a problem with our new service - On-site coffee machine repair. We value your time and provide the best and most convenient service for our clients. Our professional technicians will be able to perform on-site diagnostics and repair the damage to your coffee machine. All this is due to extensive experience, professional equipment and the availability of original spare parts to perform high-quality repairs of any complexity on the spot.

To call a repair technician at your home, office, or retail outlet, please fill out the repair request at the bottom of the page or call any contact phone number.

Cost of calling the wizard:

  • In the city of Kiev 300 hryvnias;
  • Suburbs of Kiev from 300 to 500 hryvnias.

Video on coffee machine repair in Kiev at the Brayval-Coffee service center

Advantages of repairing coffee makers in Brayval-Coffee:

  • Phone consultation;
  • Discount system for accumulating discounts on repairs and purchases of various coffee equipment;
  • Collection and delivery of the client's equipment from the service;
  • Setting up the machine for the specified type of coffee;
  • On-site repair of coffee machines at home or in the office in Kiev and the Kiev region;
  • Taking into account suggestions for the speed of repair and its delivery.

Service center in Kiev for the repair of coffee makers.

Repair of coffee makers in the Brayval-Coffee service center is profitable, fast, high-quality and inexpensive. Why, you may ask? The fact is that we have a huge selection of spare parts for all well-known and popular coffee machines, which significantly reduces the repair time. Our service center has a convenient location in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev and operates on a convenient schedule, as well as the service of collecting and delivering coffee machines to our service center is available for you. We employ only qualified craftsmen and specialists in their field. We repair coffee makers with the latest and most professional equipment. We also love delicious coffee and appreciate each of our Customers. Therefore, if you have a breakdown of your coffee machine, we will be happy to repair your coffee machine as soon as possible!

Complete repair of a coffee machine in Kiev (photo)

Repair of Saeco coffee machines.

One of the most popular coffee makers are Saeco coffee machines, and frequent repairs of this brand does not mean that the saeco coffee machine is unreliable. It is quite popular among coffee drinkers and, like any other technique, eventually fails due to untimely maintenance. In order to avoid sudden breakage of the coffee maker and unplanned repairs, our craftsmen recommend that the coffee maker be serviced at least once every six months. Routine maintenance of the coffee machine will extend its service life, and your favorite coffee will always be delicious and flavorful.

Repair of SAECO coffee makers (Saeko) in Kiev (photo)

The price list of the cost of repairing coffee makers and coffee machines in the Brayval-Coffee service center can be obtained from our specialists by phone.

Terms of warranty and free service at Brayval-Coffee:

Warranty service without charging a fee from the consumer is performed only for work performed and for replaced spare parts during the warranty period specified in the warranty card for the product (with the exception of restoration of damaged spare parts).

Brayval-service does not assume any warranty obligations and does not perform free service of the product in the following cases::

  • the presence of visible mechanical, electrical and thermal damage caused as a result of violation of the rules of storage, operation or transportation of the product, if the product has traces of attempts to unskilled repair;
  • if the defect is caused by an accident, deliberate or careless actions of the consumer, ingestion of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or animals inside the product;
  • violations of the warranty seal, marking, or inability to read the internal number from the product.

Our company ремонт кофеварок is not responsible for lost profits of the client, or downtime at the time of warranty repair. (B. U. equipment provides for possible such options).

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