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stephanie and shereenStephanie and Shereen

Harvard Business School is one of the most exclusive institutions in the world: Only 13% of applicants were admitted last year, and it is US News' top-ranked business school.

An MBA from Harvard is the path to the corner office and a six-figure salary right out of school, and also a place where entrepreneurs are born. Famous alumni include Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and NYC Mayor and Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg.

We found the most impressive students currently getting their MBAs — many of whom aren't waiting to graduate to get their businesses going. One went to Princeton at 16 before joining Microsoft as an engineer. Another sold his successful startup for more than $100 million and published a book before enrolling.

Business school admissions help! thanks

by fattyfatfat

Im looking to go to a top 10 business school (harvard, upenn, columbia) in like 2 or 3 years... but my problem is that i had a low gpa in my undergrad education (cornell-engineering 2.5ish) I am also doing a part time graduate program at baruch's business school (CUNY) in quantitative methods and modeling MS - roughly averaging about a 3.7-3.8 and working. Im pretty sure i can rock the gmats and my work experience thus far is decent - small companies only so far... Will the higher gpa from a grad program be enough to negate the bad undergrad gpa? if it isnt what can i do ? also does it help th

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