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The Social Enterprise Program, in conjunction with Columbia’s Career Management Center and student clubs, provides resources and networks to students pursuing careers in nonprofit, government or nongovernmental organizations, for-profit and nonprofit social ventures, social venture capital firms, and socially responsible business. Students and staff work collaboratively to develop relationships with organizations, provide industry information, organize career panels and networking events, and publicize job announcements through a variety of channels.

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Business school questions

by koki_the_cat

I am confused about my prospects for business school.
Background: I am 28. Have a BA in Sociology from Boston University. I have 3 years work experience as an administrator at non-profits. I've taught english for a year in Japan on the JET Program. I'm not fluent in Japanese, but I can hold a conversation and am continuing my studies in it. Additionally I volunteer in a cultural/language exchange program w/ Japanese youth in Boston.
I studied in London for a semester in 1997.(including internship at a non-profit)
Currently I work for a company that establishes and administers trusts

Thunderbird University

by henry_zee

Hi -
The school in the mid west is called ThunderBird University. I worked with some of their grads in Brazil. Most speaks two or three languages and work in International mkt or finance.
My roommate went to Seton Hall for Japanese/Chinese and then a year to Taiwan for Chinese. He did his grad degree at Columbia in International Business. He helped Amercent Express market their "credit card" to Japan in the early 80s. It was the gold card because the Japanese yen is gold colored.
I also went to Seton Hall U for Chinese and went to Taiwan for Chinese/but decided to stay in America

Advice to sellers from a Columbia prof

by datahead

In today's Wall Street Journal, an article on the boom in real estate auctions: "Going, going, gone..." in the Personal Journal section.
"[...] Chris Mayer, a professor of economics and real estate at Columbia University's Business School, [...] Instead of using auctions, he advises homeowners who need to sell quickly to price their homes "aggressively" low in relation to competing properties."

What are my chances at these universities?

by luckybumbum

Hello geeky loves! I'm a senior at a competitive magnet school in San Francisco. It's college application season so I really would appreciate it if this well-rounded bunch of CL'ers (I doth detest CollegeConfidential) could give me their two cents on my chances of getting into these colleges:
UCSD (reach)
UCLA (reach school)
Scripps (reach)
University of Rochester
And possibly SFSU as a backup.
I'm attracted to the 3/2 year dual degree program for business/engineering that only UCSC and Pitzer currently offer. And I'd appreciate it more if anybody could suggest to me more colleges offering those programs, besides the ultra-elite like Columbia University

Be realistic

by knightmare3000

Be realistic. at your age colleges are not exactly enthusiastic to get you. if you had a large family tie to the school or gave a generous donation it might help. try some other schools if you really want college. if ivy league is essential try Columbia university in NYC. also try a specifc school ( business ) like Stern school of business at NYC. they take older students that have been in the business world and can get BBA then MBA. but be realistic. a diploma from Princeton or Harvard is impressive., but there are also other good schools out there. remember the cost as well. a good state school might accept you at your age if you live in that state

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