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Latin American B-Schools: Muy Caliente

An Intersection in Rio de JaneiroABC of Getting the MBA Admissions Edge.

Business schools are devoting increasing time to helping students understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in the emerging markets of Asia and, in particular, the economic powerhouse of China. But what of other rising economies, such as those of Latin America? Goldman Sachs identified Brazil as a “one to watch” as long ago as 2003, and the past 10 years of economic growth has seen it rise to become the world’s sixth-biggest economy, while Argentina, Chile, and Peru have bounced back from debt default and hyperinflation to now post GDP growth that is the envy of North America and Europe.

Despite its proximity to the U.S., however, Latin America is potentially as much of a mystery—and consequently a potential commercial graveyard for the unwary—as any country in the Asia-Pacific region. Take the fact that entrepreneurship has only recently been accepted into the economic mainstream in such nations as Brazil where, just a decade ago, business people were depicted as villains rather than heroes in TV programs. Or an approach to sustainability seen in Mexico City where the authorities decided the best way to make their taxi cabs more “green” would be—yes, you guessed it—to paint them green.

And woe betide those who underestimate the region’s technical expertise and industrial prowess. From flex-fuel cars to aerospace and the globally competitive agribusiness and commodities sector, foreign investors have much to learn about the creative and adaptable approach to business from their neighbors to the south. So where is the best place to find out what you really need to know about this often neglected region?

Historically, if you wanted to rub shoulders and learn from the brightest and best in Latin American business, you would most likely choose a business school almost anywhere other than in Latin America itself. Ambitious managers and professionals from the region tended to head to U.S. schools or to the Spanish-speaking schools of Europe. Alternatively, a handful of Western schools, such as Thunderbird, IESE and ESADE, have established a campus presence to train the next generation of business leaders. But in recent years local institutions have been fighting back, in particular by forging alliances with major business schools.

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Culinary school

by jwv76

If I had to reccomend a school it would be CIA (Culinary Institute of America), there's one in Greystone, 1 1/2 hours N of SF, the externs I've worked with from there seem to be just slightly more savvy than those from other schools. It's expensive, but not the most expensive. Also, CIA only takes people with at least 6 months restaurant experience. Really, any program you choose you will get out of it what you put into it.
I don't want to burst any bubbles here, but as a professional cook working his way up the ladder, I can tell you there are a lot of misconceptions out there about culinary school (as well as the industry itself), some of them bred by the schools themselves

The last bit of America.

by ThatGuy29

Sports, as much as I do not like to watch them, I must respect them. They are the last bit of America left. Let me explain. In sports you can only excel if you are actually good. They don’t have racial quotas. They pay no mind to affirmative action. The best man gets the job. That is what this country is supposed to be about. Why does no one try to institute affirmative action in sports? Because they know what it would do to the game. It would make them unwatchable. So why can’t they see that it does the same to schools and business?


by U-ship-com

Obama is best thing the PROGRESSIVES COULD have DONE for AMERICA THEY HAVE woke A sleeping GIANT let get the word out across our COUNTRY were taking it back AND they will need to find a NEW SSR CHINA/CUBA maybe THEY better buy there advance ticket before we run them up a FLAG pole or NICE tall tree CONGRESS YOU have SEEN the TEA PARTY'S AND the 2MILIION in YOUR FACE... NOW 40-45years of KENNEDY KILLING CONTROLLED Massachusetts SENATE seat. GONE .YES we GOT THAT ONE BACK .CHRISTEN/JESUS LOVING = RIGHT IS ALIVE = willing to STAND/
NOW these is how WERE TAKING OUR COUNTRY back ONE seat-state at a time AND 1- VOTE then 1 more VOTE

Note to the sniveling--yammering "Left" (D)

by Signo

Study: No Shortage of U.S. Engineers
America is turning out plenty of science and engineering grads, a university study concludes, but many of the best are taking jobs in finance and consulting
By Moira Herbst
Oct 31, 2009
U.S. colleges and universities are graduating as many scientists and engineers as ever, according to a study released on Oct. 28 by a group of academics. But that finding comes with a big caveat: Many of the highest-performing students are choosing careers in other fields. The study by professors at Rutgers and Georgetown suggests that since the late 1990s, many of the top students have been lured to careers in finance and consulting

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